I’m really just writing this because I haven’t written in a couple weeks and I told myself I’d write more often. So this post will suck and probably shouldn’t be read by anyone.

So, I’m sick:

I’m going on the second week with this chest cold. It’s not fun. I’m using enough hand sanitizer to down a horse and sucking down dayquil and nyquil like it’s air. I am praying I haven’t gotten the baby sick. I keep using nasal saline solution and the bulb aspirator to suck what I can out of her nose to avoid ear infection. Then applying vicks under her nose to clear out sinuses. So far it seems to be working. Halls Honey Lemon cough drops are also my bffs.

The Nanny Gig:

The baby is easy, and she’s on a schedule. She’s learned to roll everywhere she wants to go now, but she’s not quite crawling. She laughs and smiles a TON and it’s so adorable.

The 4 yr old is just as whiny and stubborn as ever. I don’t indulge it. I just tell him he either does what I say or he gets none of what he wants. I do not negotiate. Now that the weather is getting warmer, he does want to be outside more, which is fine with me. The issue is, on nice days, he’s outside at school when I pick him up, and he doesn’t want to leave school. I totally get it. I’d rather be at school playing with friends than come home and play with an adult and a baby. He still doesn’t need to be throwing fits though. Sometimes he can be really cooperative. It’s usually when his parents aren’t here. Not surprising. I think that’s pretty normal for toddlers, though.

On the Subject of Ingress Addicted Fiance:

In other news, my fiance is toying with the idea of stopping playing Ingress. Now that he’s playing less, I’m fine with it. He doesn’t need to quit. I guess among his faction in Nashville, he’s friends with everyone, but they have their little cliques with drama between them..and he’s just annoyed with that whole situation. He will do what he’s gonna do. Who knows. I just hope he continues with this “moderate approach” to this game and doesn’t go back to obsession.

Couch Potato Madness:

Since I’ve been sick, I haven’t worked out at all. I’m not sorry. I cough so much, I can’t sleep. I’m not going to punish my body further.

Wedding Planning:

My mom came to Nashville this past weekend and checked out the reception venue and bridge where we are having our ceremony. She’s super excited. The rest of the wedding planning is coming together. Trying to figure out where to reserve blocks of rooms since 50% of our guests are out-of-owners.I may pass that off to MOH or something.  Also wondering if I should send invites to grandparents who I KNOW won’t be able to come.Maybe as keepsakes. I feel like all the notes I need to include in these invites will make it so that I need 4 stamps per envelope. I don’t want to say no kids, but my venue is NOT kid friendly, nor is the fact that it’s an evening wedding, and I need to let the guests know that. Sigh. So much to consider. That’s all for now.

The End. 


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