Tuesday there was more snow. Maybe an inch or two, not very much, but Nashville, you’re killing me. Snow means the 4 year old is out of school and I have both kids….all day. The baby is fine…but the 4 year old cannot entertain himself without TV and his mother says no TV during the week. AND his dad was working from home. Basically, the kid was not listening to ANYTHING and he didn’t nap because his dad has to be on the fucking phone in the next room, NOT talking about work. Like seriously bro??? Men are clueless.

The entire day, all he did was argue with me, throw fits, and follow me around whining “I want a peter rabbiiiit. Please please please please” ad nauseam.We played outside for an hour in the morning before we got too cold and had to come in. Then he ate his lunch and laid down, but dad was on the phone in the next room, so sleep wasn’t going to happen. I was losing my damn mind. Being able to turn on some damn cartoons would have been nice for a moment of peace. Never doubt the power of the electronic babysitter.

It was just a terrible day. Baby was great though. I’ve banned the 4 yr old from her room when I’m trying to get her to nap. That night when his mom got home at 6, I said my goodbyes and went to have some wine. Definitely drank that day away.

I’m blaming the Montessori school curriculum. In theory, letting a child be ready for learning and development sounds great. The problem is, there is no discipline or any real structure other than “between this time and this time, we do this”. The kid decides what he’s going to do. There is no discipline. They “encourage self-discipline through teaching method and environment” If “the teacher’s role is passive and designed to guide individual learning when asked and when child is ready”, please tell me when the child is READY to listen to what the hell you have to say? WHAT FOUR YEAR OLD IS GOING TO DISCIPLINE HIMSELF??? These people are insane. This new age bullshit has got to go. If any adult said jump when I was a kid, your only response was either jumping or if you were going to ask anything, it better be “how high?” There was no “what do you want to do? What will you DECIDE? You can CHOOSE.”

Maybe I’m too old fashioned. I do respect the way individual people raise their kids and I won’t TELL them to do anything different. I just don’t have to agree. Whatever they’re comfortable with. I’ll just write my opinion here.

The next morning, he was in a great mood, but school was delayed. He started with the fit when I asked him to get dressed and brush his teeth at 9:20. He says “no” as he always does to everything, so I responded with “I am done with you not listening.” and picked him up and carried him into his bathroom. He proceeded to hit the floor, as usual, so I set him on his bed and told him he couldn’t come out of his room until his teeth were brushed and he was dressed. 10 minutes later, I’ve got a dressed kid with minty fresh breath. I am not going to repeat myself 50 times asking him to do something he knows he has to do every single day. It’s not happening. I will put him in time out every single time. That is how this will work. He is 4 years old and perfectly articulate. He’s old enough to accept consequences for not listening.

When I took the baby downstairs to eat before we left, I told him, “when I call for you, you come down here and get your shoes on. Do not make me come get you”. He was a perfect little angel. Came right down. It was a much better day. When he got home from school, I put the baby down for a nap, and we went outside and ran laps together because the school doesn’t let the kids outside if it’s below 35 degrees. I don’t understand. Growing up, grandma put us outside if it was 6 degrees. I send mittens, hat, coat, everything to make him warm, why the hell is he being cooped up all day? I will never understand that.

To end my long rant/complaint:

Tuesday is the only bad day I’ve had so far. I’ve done exercise videos on all the other days of this week and lost 1 pound. I know it’s just water weight, but hey, I’ll take it. I’ve also mastered the art of making baby food out of produce. The baby loves my puree sweet potatoes and puree roasted butternut squash with cinnamon.

If nothing else, I’m in training to be an awesome mother. I just won’t be sending my child to Montessori Centers, because I don’t think a toddler needs to have that many choices. Putting the responsibility of choosing to do the right thing on a kid so young he  can’t even handle his own emotions is a little much.

The end.


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