I’ve decided to quit my desk job with benefits and salary and paid time off to be a full time nanny for 8 months. I will be breaking even on income, and losing on holiday and paid time off, but happiness is worth more than money to me. My friends and co workers think I’m insane. I’d say maybe 1% of my friends are supportive. The rest are worried about me having insurance. If this is the year I suddenly get cancer it’s because a tumor formed while I was stressing about planning my wedding. Just so everyone knows. But seriously, I hope nothing big happens health-wise.


I checked Obamacare marketplace and it’s actually cheaper for me to pay penalty than to pay for insurance monthly that I never use. Literally. I never go to doctor. I have my yearly lady-parts examination, but I’ve only had one partner for 2 years and I have the IUD, so really, I think I can skip one year. It’ll be okay, I’m sure of it. Consider this my one moment of optimism in my usually pessimistic outlook.


I am pretty excited about this change. I have all these plans that I may or may not get to. Such as : Do yoga when the baby naps. Stay on my feet and get 15,000 steps recorded on my fitbit in a day instead of failing to make 10,000 like I do currently with my desk job. Continue to bike 4  miles daily.

This is good. I’m going to have panicky moments in the next two weeks where I have a mini-existential crisis and question all my decision making capabilities ever, but I think it’s going to be a good thing for me. A positive thing. I am going to be the best nanny these kids have ever seen!



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