I’ve been reading a lot of shitty books lately. Anything you can download for free on your iBooks or Kindle IS gonna be shit, but this is a special brand of shit.

50 Shades Fan-fiction full of “humongous, pulsing” cocks and breathless ‘OHHHH [insert character name/nickname]’

Unrealistic, simpering plots with really lame dialogue written by a teenager and names that sound like you just thought up a random ‘z’ or ‘v’ to throw in there because those are “exotic” letters or some shit. You do realize your characters probably went to public school in their fictional lives and had to spell that shit in kindergarten, don’t you?

Disorganized chapters jumping from character to 10 too many other characters with not even a MICROSCOPIC amount of George RR Martin’s talent.

I find myself feeling annoyed that I wasted my time, but I had to find out how it ENDED so I do the skim-reading thing and hit highlights.

Truly though…are ANY good books being written anymore? Why on earth did anyone ever allow self-publishing? Yes…put your stories in a blog. PRACTICE. But don’t offer it up to unsuspecting reading fanatics who really just want to lose themselves in a story line to escape real life for a second. We get really upset when it’s so bad that we are still very present in the real world. I can say “we” because I have a friend who agrees with me whole-heartedly on this subject. Someone needs to tell amazon and Apple to stop allowing this nonsense.


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