Over and over and over

Well, here we go again. The all consuming guilt that comes with not bailing my sister out of the mess she put herself in. She lives in her now-ex-boyfriend slash baby daddy’s parents’ house with her 6 yr old and her 3 month old. She’s working for a call center from home and claims she’s still in training so she cant step away from her computer and paying the ex’s sister in law a hundred bucks a week to take care of the baby. Then she tells me if he cries too long the girl she’s paying will tell him to shut the fuck up. Who tells a 3 month old to shut the fuck up? If I was her and someone told my baby to shut the fuck up I’d be coming out of that room like a wrecking ball. I’d be Miley Cryus-ing up in that bitch. 


Anyway, he’s already moved out and in with one of his loser guy friends and is seeing a new girl and my sister and her two kids are stuck in a tiny back bedroom where there’s only 2 twin beds and a play pen at his parents’ house. Awkward much? One of the twin beds has a 6 feet of clothes and plastic storage drawers piled onto it, the other doesn’t have sheets and she shares that one with the 6 yr old and the baby’s play pen/sleeper is piled high with shit and he sleeps in his infant car seat which is so hot and tight for his little fat self that he has cradle cap constantly, which is gross. 


She’s supposed to be saving to move out of there and then I hear she gave her ex $500 to get a car so he’d stop bullying her into giving him her car keys and then she paid $200 to get their cell phones turned on because he got a new phone and charged it to the account and they couldn’t pay the bill so sprint cut them off.




So today we are going over options for her to get out of there asap because his parents want her out and refuse to help with their own grandchild and she casually mentions that my bf and I have a spare room. It’s actually a computer slash weight bench room and it’s tiny. We have maybe 900 sq feet. A two bedroom 1 bath apartment in a quadriplex unit is kinda cramped. He barely was okay with adding the kitten I rescued; he’s not going to be okay with adding my 250lb sister and her two children. 


But of course she thinks I’m going to swoop in and rescue her because I always do. Always. And as soon as I do, and then she gets back on x dating site and finds the next loser and all of a sudden I’ve done nothing for her and why wont I let him stay the night I’m such a bitch. My bf has vetoed the rescue and since his name is on the lease and not mine, I can’t argue and secretly I’m grateful for that, but I am also stressed out and fearing for the situation she has her children in. I don’t understand how she isn’t working her ASS off to get the hell out of there and she keeps throwing away her money just to pacify an overgrown toddler. 


The logical decision would be to let the 6 yr old stay with her father to avoid complicating the custody agreement they have and take the 3 month old to our mom’s and set up a landline and work and save up money because she wouldn’t have to pay rent. She would just have to get off her lazy ass and help out around the house. She wont do that because she claims she cant live without her 6 yr old daughter for more than a few days and that the father wouldn’t give her back. If he wanted to take my niece away, he would have done it 6 times over by now, because my sister has proven herself unfit so many times by moving my niece from place to place 4 times in one year, changing schools 4 times in one year, it’s absolutely ridiculous. 


So she expects me to rescue her. Again. And I can’t. I feel bad, but I’m secretly glad I can’t. Does that make me a shitty person?