What is this consciousness? When I die, will I wake up in another consciousness? Are we just souls going through a revolving door? I won’t know I’ve lived another life.

All we know is who we are right now. No before or after. We get 60 yrs of memory if we are lucky, and then we blink into nothing or we end up in another life. This is why death scares so many. We don’t want to not exist. We think our existence is so important that we cannot imagine its ending. But what if another just begins again?

Maybe I’m just rambling in my half inebriated state. I am afraid of death. Of not existing.
So there you have it. I’m gonna be 80, screaming and kicking when death comes knocking.


4 thoughts on “Philosophical Musings

  1. I love when people write from souls. Keep up the good work. I started a webpage, where I do daily tarot readings but most Importantly I love to express my mind too. All the wonders of the world have always been right in our mind.

  2. Consciousness is exactly what you are afraid to loos touch with and what you are going to merge back with when your physical body will cease to exist. When you have no access or means to experience your greatness and wholeness you will certainly host fear of death.
    You have a human consciousness which is not separated from your cosmic one, but only covered by a veil. There are ways to remember more then this life time, an experience that for sure will help with the fear of death.
    Our existence is indeed important and we all want to make the best out of it, regardless of previous or future life times. Finding a way to relate to consciousness, understand it and merge with would bring you support in you inquiry, raise your level of happiness and open up opportunities in your life.

    1. So insightful, thank you so much for commenting. I want to understand these things so badly, but I am definitely distracted by so much of the physical world, that I haven’t made time to connect with the cosmos.

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