I need there to be an online dating site for newly coupled people who only have single friends that would never date the other’s friends. That would be nice. Do you know how hard it is to get your caveman boyfriend to hang out with your high maintenance single girl friends? He’s like…”I’m good..right here on the couch”. And then for his friends, your girls don’t want to go to the dive bar with ugly men, so you go alone. And it’s you, a woman, with one attractive guy and 4 unattractive men. No offense to my man, but he def doesn’t choose his friends for the scenery…which makes sense, but, it doesn’t help me get my friends to want to mingle because apparently they can only go places with attractive people?


So anyway, the dating site to find couples to hang out with. Yes. I feel like we need to attract friends that are couples. We gotta woo a couple, or some shit. Meet them at a bar, show them how many shots we can do, show them we’re fun, not too lovey, and come away with a lifetime of grilling, drinking, cabrewing buddies. Because it’s really not fun just sitting at the house with your man watching x-files. Alone. It’s just you two and you run out of shit to talk about. We aren’t the types to be like “I’m with my best friend; let’s only do shit together”. We aren’t best friends. We are two separate people who love each other and like to share experiences together and have discussions and do fun things. Our best friends are the friends we had BEFORE we got together, because that’s normal. Or should be. Unless you’re codependent and worry the other won’t love you if you go out without them. Or you’re just so scared what they’ll do when you leave them alone.


Seriously, girls gotta stop being afraid of that. I have totally had those thoughts flash through my mind as I’m leaving the house. “What if he invites a girl over while I’m gone? What if he’s not wanting to go because he’s trying to hook up with someone?” Still, to this day, I have these thoughts. And then I push them out of my head and drink and dance stupidly with my girls. And when I get home, stumbling up the stairs drunkenly, crawling into bed with him, I don’t even remember those thoughts. I just want sleep. Then, I wake up to see my rainbow bunch of bras hanging on the doorknob. Nuff said. Not even worried.


But I digress. Someone develop that website. We need a couple to be friends with that like to go camping on weekends, dogs, canoeing, drinking, grilling, card games, etc. We can’t spend this much time together, alone, it’s not healthy for us.  


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