Having delayed reaction -sobbing my heart out over a dog I had gotten as a puppy in 2007 with an ex passing away this weekend at bedtime is horrible. He had been with my stepdad’s best friend living the country life happily running around and rolling in gross things and riding in the back of the truck. My mom told me about his death at 1pm today. Heart worms. Preventable. Can’t even express my anger at that.

It took til midnight for me to look at our dog and worry because she didn’t eat her dog food today and telling my boyfriend she has to go to the vet to cause an onslaught of ugly, red faced, hyperventilating sobs for the better part of an hour while he held me and reassured me that he will take her to the vet ASAP to make sure. I am such an ugly crier.

I knew I’d been feeling a little off all day since she called me.. But I never have been able to cry til I’m good and ready. And then it’s this ugly, headache inducing event. Now that my eyes are burning and swollen, I shall try to sleep.

RIP Moose, I hope there are plenty of lacy underwear to chew and cats to chase up there. Your goofy underbite and lopsided head tilts will be missed so much.



2 thoughts on “All Dogs Go To Heaven

  1. Damn!

    The last dog I lost, I said no more. Apparently I was out-voted. Or just plain ignored. The bad part was, I had been meaning to get my boy in for a snap test and back on Ivermectin for heartworms. The good thing about your post was, as soon as I read it, I called to make the appt. We went today, and he was negative.

    So Moose was a good-lookin’ boy. And he was a panty thief too??😲

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