So tired of people, men AND women, shaming a girl for voicing the fact that she may want marriage or kids. It’s a biological want. Humans are animals, and animals are programmed to procreate. Society has evolved that we be monogamous. So maybe, if a person truly doesn’t want these things and feels the need to make someone else feel bad, maybe they should think that nature is telling them they shouldn’t reproduce. And maybe they shouldn’t put that shit on someone else with the biological urge to do so. If someone doesn’t want kids, it’s fine. If they don’t want marriage, it’s also fine. Also, you can change your mind at any point in time in your life, and you shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it.

My grandparents have told me time and time again that I shouldn’t have kids. Because I’m impatient and a perfectionist, but I know damn well I’d be an awesome mom. I was instrumental in raising my niece and everyone who has seen me with her says I’m more like a mother than her own. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t do something and claim because of a couple things, I’m not fit, when you have kids out there reproducing without the maturity and wisdom and life experience to handle it. Obviously their parents shouldn’t have been parents either for not teaching them.

This is what is wrong with women today. We have to be tough, emotionless, fake, hide behind a mask and say we don’t want things that come naturally to us, all because if we are ourselves, we won’t be loved. Or that is the impression we have. A guy will automatically choose the woman not threatening him with wanting a future instead of the woman who is being a normal woman and expecting him to man up and grow up and give a shit about someone other than himself. I’ve seen girls repress their actual desires and then trap a guy by getting pregnant, and the result? A child doesn’t have a father in their life as they should. All of this shit is toxic. What the hell happened in society? Why are things this way? I don’t understand.


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