I’m sitting here at a basketball game with my boyfriend and his roommate 4 hours from home. I feel like I’m going to cry, but that’s just guilt.

I’m hurting someone today, by not showing up to her bachelorette party like I said I would. The term party is used loosely, as she is gathering some girls together at her parents’ house where she lives in the middle of nowhere, and having wine and watching movies. To me, this is not a party. It sounds positively agonizingly boring. Bachelorette parties are for getting shitfaced and doing things you regret with guys you won’t remember.

We used to be close. For a year or so we hung out all the time. Then, last year we went to Italy together and discovered just how different we are. Apparently I can only handle hypochondriacs when I’m not spending 24 hours a day with them? Yeah so anyway, we got back and we just didn’t hang out that much after I told her her immature behavior about the plane delays was unacceptable. She threw a fit and cried because she just wanted to get home to her parents and cat and was upset after a delay in Germany caused us to miss our connection in Chicago. It was ridiculous.

So yes. I’m not going to her bachelorette party because I don’t feel like it. I’m also not a bad friend because I don’t really feel like we are friends anymore. I don’t owe her anything. Some people just aren’t meant to stay in your life forever and I picked an awful time to deal the final death blow to a failing friendship. That’s on me. My conscience will beat me up but I’ll have more fun today than I would have otherwise.


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