I have a few friends and acquaintances who have children as a result of unplanned pregnancies. I see how they can’t make choices just to make themselves happy now. Like I do. That little life’s happiness is more important. Decisions become twenty times more difficult. And I understand that and agree. This is why my selfish ass has never even had a scare.. I take ever precaution not to risk unplanned womb squatters. (I really love babies, just not ready for one inhabiting my body and taking my nutrients) These moms may want to leave the baby’s father because it just isn’t working out. Not because he’s abusive or anything like that, they just weren’t ever meant to be forever, but they choose to stay because of the child.

This really makes me think that young girls should see this. See how, when you’re young, you have to do things to make yourself happy only. It’s the time to be selfish. Be selfish with your uterus too! I mean, don’t get pregnant because you think you love that guy and it’ll make him stay. Some people were never meant to stay in your life. Let them leave. Someone better is coming. And anyway, he’s going to leave, regardless. Nobody stays together for the kids anymore. They may for a little bit, but then it’s x amount of years where you’re both miserable… RESENTFUL.. Knowing it’s only because of the child.

Another thing, kids are perceptive. They sense the constant tension. Do you think it’s really good for them to believe love is like that? Tense? Angry? Unhappy? No loving looks, touches, words? Sure.. Raise another generation of emotionally unhealthy kids and wonder why they have bad relationships, maybe they bully other kids in school, maybe they commit crimes. I’m not saying every single kid growing up in an emotionally unstable household will do these things but can we at least try to make better choices about procreating with people you haven’t known long enough just because you THINK they’re the ONE after 6 months? Come on now. You hardly know their middle NAME or the little habits they have that may make you feel homicidal. Slow the hell down, ladies. Your eggs aren’t getting a little shriveled and dusty until you’re 40. Breathe. Do you. Make you happy.


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