My dad called me an asshole this past weekend when I went to visit. Oh he didn’t mean it seriously, he wasn’t insulting me, it was more of an observation. We had gotten on the subject of work while eating pizza, and I launched into my spiel about how I don’t understand why some things are the way they are and why companies cannot fire incompetent employees. (I did not word it so PC, but that’s basically what I said)

I told my parents I have discovered I am VERY Type A. My dad says, what does that mean? I said, “basically, I don’t think it’s going to get done correctly unless I do it myself and I’m a control freak.” and he says “Oh so you’re an asshole. I’m the same way. So is your mama. Your brother will probably be the same way when he’s grown. We are all Assholes.This is a family of assholes.”

We laughed until we were in tears. Really, though. I get it honest. 

This is the problem. There is ONE person, who, no matter HOW you explain shit to them, no matter how CLEAR and CONCISE, and no matter how often you repeat, CONTINUES to fuck shit up royally. Guess who has to fix it? If you guessed yours truly, you get a fucking cookie. No, really though, go grab a cookie, because it was a great guess. This person BREATHES and I get angry.

I just don’t understand how they don’t get it. This is an entry level position. It’s repetitive. We use copy/paste like our lives depend on it to keep breathing. IT IS NOT HARD.

The problem is, I have no tact. No diplomacy. No filter. So this person messed something up a month ago and I went to my manager and lost my cool. I insulted this person’s intelligence multiple times. I RAGED. We ended up having a meeting with the ENTIRE team, because apparently I’m not the only one complaining about this person and this person KNOWS our opinions. Whoops. Then, we all get in trouble. So for a month now, we have had to be super nice. We have had to be super helpful. I have pasted on a fake smile and cheerfully helped this person a MILLION times. Still fucking shit up. What’s worse? They KNOW. But because this person felt picked on, they just ignore the fact that this person just CANNOT do this job. 

Because of civil suits, employers now have this attitude that everyone wins. No. This isn’t 2nd grade track and field day. You don’t get a participation medal. This is grown up shit. You get a paycheck. You try not to stress the fuck out Monday through Friday. Taxes come out and shit. People fail. I live in a world where failure is ignored and allowed to make my life harder Monday through Friday. In my performance review, I’m told to take more of a leadership role. To lead WHAT???? To be constantly undermined because someone feels picked on because they are told maybe they just aren’t a fit for this job. Because no matter how you show them, repeat yourself, they are simply just NOT GETTING IT. No thanks. I’m good with putting my headphones on and doing my job from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday.


Maybe Dad is right. I sound like an asshole. I wish I was sorry. 



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