I walk back in the cold. My breath fogging with every step and my skin freezing where it was bare under my coat. That silk lining does nothing for you when you’re wearing a crop top. I had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that maybe I should take my time. The dirt road wasn’t going anywhere and at 1AM no one was on it. Maybe some time to reflect and It’s not like I had a cell phone to stare at while walking the 15 mins back to the house.

So this is what I thought about. What if I get caught? Where do I say I’ve been? Certainly not in the front seat of a black camaro. I’m 15.. That won’t go over well.

I can’t relate that he had to remove multiple piercings from his genitals before we could have sex. I can’t tell anyone that he was my first after what happened last Christmas. That I just voluntarily lost my stolen virginity for the first time. In a car. Like other teenagers. I almost feel normal. Except this is a guy from a chat room who lives 100 miles away and drove to this Podunk town to hook up with a 15 year old. Very normal.


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